Redefine   the meaning   of Retail

Redefine the meaning of Retail

Retail is much more than points of sale, transactions, logistics. It's the full journey made of interactions before, during and after purchase.

Strategy and innovation are how we redesign present in order to create future
We know how to make the business perform. It’s all about data
We want to create value. And this is how we make it.
Creativity is our way to imagine future. Content is how we built it.
We create relationships designing experiences tailored to the new customer’s needs
From e-commerce to experience. We design places where markets meet clients’ needs by a click
Store is a place of Technology. Redesign the meaning of retail is our mission for the future
We keep up with customers creating purchasing opportunities in every part of their digital journey
We are technologies that make retail’s evolution possible

ESGs are part of our DNA. Creating a better future for people, society and environment is our goal.

Create memorable experiences to engage different targets through multiple channels
Deeply understanding of the market through an innovative business models, contents and technology
Through our technologies we build new, exciting and connected experiences for customers to enjoy
We help brands in a go to market path to China, with the right strategy, channels and messages
From store to e-commerce: a multi-channel experience to generate value for people cross industries
  • STAT TrendsOur intelligence platform to identify actionable digital retail opportunities before competitors
  • IconicIconic is our tailor-made suite of solutions to drive retail towards the future
  • OutcomesAll-in-one. All you need to know about markets, channels and performance is here, on our platform
  • Doctor RadarA strategic tool for pharma companies, a deep dive to understand doctors' profiles and behaviors
  • Seo DefenderYour brand's digital visibility is in good hands. Let it shine

We are building a new generation
of Retail Experience