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Custom-built technologies and deep market insights that elevate brand experiences and performance.

This journey is backed by a suite of services designed to harness the power of data and digital channels, especially within the nuanced Chinese market. Supporting the core of these strategies is our industry-specific, cloud-based ERP, tailored for the unique intricacies of the fashion and luxury sectors, ready to lift our clients to new heights of global success.

We gather, analyze, and interpret sales data and social media performance to provide our clients with an accurate picture of Chinese consumer habits, buying patterns, and market currents. Our skilled consultants, located in both Milan and Shanghai, deliver expert advice for strategically entering the Chinese market. Targeting the digital realms where these luxury consumers thrive, we formulate and execute finely-tuned editorial and advertising strategies across effective Chinese digital channels, with a strong focus on WeChat and its powerful Miniprograms.

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