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We are Retex

We are the MarTech company that promotes and accelerates connections between brands and stakeholders, guiding companies through the transition to a new meaning of Retail.

Our approach is a dynamic fusion of innovation, technology and data insight heightened with creative flair, strategic consulting and sharp marketing expertise, shaping the very future of Retail.


ESGs are part of our DNA. Creating a better future for people, society and environment is our goal.

We’ve become a Benefit Corporation because we believe sustainability is a  foundational value for envisioning a truly innovative future. Having a  positive impact not just within our organization but also externally shapes  the decisions we make every day.

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Life @ Retex

Working at Retex means being part of a group of over 600 talents, predominantly women, aged between 30 and 50, coming from over 30 countries.

Work  hard, play hard, give back. Experiencing the Retex culture extends beyond professional growth and skill development—it's about engagement.

We're dedicated to nurturing our team's capabilities through consistent work and educational paths, while also  enriching their lives with leisure and community-building opportunities. In line with our core as a Benefit Corporation, we never lose sight of the importance of giving back. That's why we host a range of corporate volunteer initiatives throughout the year.

Our Offices

Our spaces are designed as places of growth, dialogue, and connection, located in settings that are in harmony with the surrounding environment.


Our Headquarters are in Milan, in the Isola district, at the "Il Rasoio" building, a tangible proof of sustainable development.


Retex's other main office is housed in Monterosa 91, a building designed by Renzo Piano that blends innovation with sustainability.

Other offices

We are also located in Modena, Turin, Albenga, Florence, Ivrea, Arborea, Mestrino, Pianiga, Barcelona, London, and Shanghai.

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