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Service Operations

Empowering retail excellencE

Ensuring 24/7 global operations with seamless service and continuous business Innovation.

With an agile network of logistics and support centers and a team of over 150 multilingual experts, we provide top-notch services in terms of roll-out, maintenance, and consulting, ensuring comprehensive support for IT infrastructures of any size.

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Provisioning and Setup of IT Infrastructure

We offer a full range of retail-dedicated hardware, including PCs, POS systems, printers, scanners, and network devices, ensuring the optimal setup of both the front-office and back-office of sales points, with configurations and preliminary testing to guarantee reliability.

On-Site Hardware Maintenance

Quick and targeted on-site interventions to minimize downtime for the company's fleet of machines, with full restoration of workstations to ensure immediate operability.

Tech Rollout and Upgrading

We handle the replacement and upgrade of IT equipment with advanced new solutions, meticulously coordinating each phase to preserve operational continuity while new technologies are introduced.

Consulting and Monitoring

We offer expert support during the design and implementation phases of IT systems, with monitoring services that ensure the correct transmission of essential data, and a multilingual service desk providing skilled and tailored assistance for all technological requirements.

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