Bata Group

Case Study

Bata Group

In Brief

Technological Innovation for the Future of Footwear Retail

Business Need

The Bata Group, under Compar S.p.A.'s European leadership, aimed to significantly revamp the digital interface of its expansive retail network. The goal was to modernize technology across 350 stores in five countries, ensuring enhanced customer service and streamlined operations.

Retex Strategy

In partnership with Retex, Bata Group embarked on a major IT modernization project starting in 2018. Retex's comprehensive support structure encompassed:

  • Staging: Preparing and configuring systems before deployment.
  • Roll-Out: Implementing new technology and processes across stores.
  • Training: Educating staff to adeptly use the advanced systems, particularly the Oracle XStore for cash management, ensuring they could adapt to new tools with proficiency.


  • Modernized IT infrastructure across Bata's European retail outlets.
  • Enhanced employee competency and confidence through effective training programs.
  • Improved capacity to meet the dynamic needs of the Fashion & Lifestyle market through technology and employee upskilling.

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