Case Study


In Brief

Influencer Marketing Drives Success in the Chinese Market

Business Need

Baxter, a synonymous with Italian-made furniture and design excellence, sought to make its mark in the Chinese market starting in 2020. The aim was to elevate the brand's profile and showcase its collection to a new audience, looking to expand its global reach and influence.

Retex Strategy

Partnering with Baxter, Retex launched "Worldwide 2020," a blended strategy incorporating physical and digital elements aimed at engaging both partners and end customers globally. The initiative paid special attention to the Beijing and Shanghai showrooms, leveraging Retex's expertise to boost online visibility and increase audience participation, not least through engaging Key Opinion Leaders. Retex's nuanced understanding of the Chinese market guided Baxter in KOL selection, ensuring influencers resonated with the target clientele.


  • Influencer presence at events spurred enthusiasm, leading to high engagement metrics such as views and comments on related posts.
  • Successful demonstration of the strategy's impact, as evidenced by the reaction to influencer involvement.
  • Confirmed effectiveness of the comprehensive strategy, highlighting Baxter's growth and heightened market presence in China due to the Retex partnership.

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