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Buddy Bank

In Brief

Digital Finance Meets Social Media: A Strategy for Community Building and Brand Transparency

Business Need

In the digital finance arena, Buddy Bank has emerged as a pioneer in bank communication on social media. Venturing into a traditionally conservative sector, the bank sought new ways to expand its reach and assert its values of transparency, innovation, and customer closeness. The distinctive character of Buddy Bank, coupled with a cutting-edge vision, necessitated equally bold and original social strategies.

Retex Strategy

Leveraging the expertise of Retex, Buddy Bank adopted an integrated approach that combined a detailed analysis of the target audience, creative insights, and original content to establish a direct and engaging dialogue with its community. Addressing an audience accustomed to immediate and personal interactions, the bank embraced a type of communication based on transparency and trust, principles that inspired the entire editorial plan.

Social media activities require expertise and months of strategic planning. Retex guided Buddy Bank in defining a consistent editorial calendar tailored for each social platform, developing messages that emphasized Buddy’s innovative banking proposition while nurturing a loyal relationship with followers. Careful visual selection, tone of voice management, and targeted campaign programming charted the course to success.


The synergy between Buddy Bank and Retex resulted in:

  • Exponential growth in social media followers, soaring to 13.5 million.
  • Establishment of a robust digital community.
  • Expansion of a global dialogue centered on the Buddy Bank brand.

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