Case Study


In Brief

Revolutionizing Retail with Advanced Digitization

Business Need

Carrefour, with the ambition to renew its retail network within a timeframe of 2-3 months, initiated a profound digital transformation aimed at more efficient management of its extensive affiliate networks. The goal was to elevate the customer experience through personalized loyalty systems and improved checkout and self-checkout infrastructures, marking a step forward toward increasingly cutting-edge and integrated customer service.

Retex Strategy

In response, Retex provided crucial support, contributing both on-site and via telephone, to address the hardware and software requirements of this digital transformation. Retex's comprehensive support included technical troubleshooting, software updates, and maintenance, ensuring Carrefour could maintain continuity and service quality during the transition phase.


The alliance between Carrefour and Retex led to:

  • Effective management of approximately 200,000 annual support tickets.
  • Significant enhancement of operational efficiency and customer service quality.
  • Commitment to optimized customer wait times via robust solutions.
  • Reinforcement of Carrefour's reputation for reliable, high-quality post-sale service and support.

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