Coca Cola

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Coca Cola

In Brief

Strengthening Socio-Economic and Environmental Bonds in Italy

Business Need

Coca Cola, an international emblem of sharing and enjoyment, has committed to deepening its ties with Italy, a country renowned for its rich cultural heritage and production excellence. The objective was twofold:

  • Highlighting the profound economic, social, and employment impact of the Coca Cola System in Italy
  • Conveying the company's innovative contribution to the circular economy.

Retex Strategy

To address this ambitious goal, Retex's creative team embraced a comprehensive approach. They crafted and executed a multi-faceted communication campaign, encapsulated by the themes 'Così vicina, così italiana' and 'Italiana di fatto,' illustrating Coca Cola's harmonization with Italy's socio-economic landscape.

Central to the marketing endeavor were innovation and creativity, marked by the launch of the Gaglianico recycling facility and creative storytelling of the recycling journey through video. Retex carefully managed each component, producing compelling visual content, an informative brochure packed with data from the SDA Bocconi study, and bespoke packaging for stakeholder distribution.

The communication strategy was all-encompassing, utilizing every touchpoint available – from national TV broadcasts to social media visibility on networks like LinkedIn and Instagram, and traditional print outlets. This orchestrated tactic guaranteed powerful and widespread messaging to engage a diverse audience.


The integrated campaign made a considerable impact:

  • Widespread media coverage in major Italian newspapers and an extensive digital footprint.
  • Engagement of a broad audience, enhancing Coca Cola's reputation as an environmentally conscious brand deeply integrated into the Italian socio-economic fabric.

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