Case Study


In Brief

Digital Speed in Omnichannel Innovation

Business Need

Dainese, a brand rooted in the world of high-speed racing, sought to navigate the shift into the digital realm and remove boundaries between physical and virtual customer interactions. Harnessing its "Inspired by Humans" vision, the brand aimed to enhance safety and customer engagement across its affiliated companies like AGV, POC sports, and TCX.

Retex Strategy

In partnership with Retex and leveraging CX - Commerce eXperience technology, Dainese embarked on a transformative journey. The strategy entailed creating a cohesive customer ecosystem—encompassing sales, customer service, and back-office functions—and connecting over 40 stores through an innovative digital hub. This integration tied together sales, inventory, orders, and customer engagement with a powerful eCommerce engine and ERP systems.


  • Successfully reimagined and honed the brand's omnichannel digital strategy.
  • Implemented enhancements and automation in operational processes.
  • Achieved global workflow optimization for swifter, more efficient performance.
  • Synchronized sales management across channels, streamlining the purchasing experience.
  • Improved the overall customer experience, bolstering the relationship with the brand's clientele.

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