Case Study


In Brief

Visual Excellence in the Marketplace World of Home Appliances

Business Need

In the fiercely competitive realm of home appliances, De'Longhi identified the critical role of eye-catching and informative product imagery in establishing market dominance. Recognizing this, De'Longhi embraced Retex's expertise to optimize its Power Images for Amazon, aiming to enhance visual engagement for three of its foremost brands.

Retex Strategy

De'Longhi and Retex worked in unison to craft a robust strategy that leveraged the collective knowledge of Retex's Content Management and Business Intelligence units. The strategy centered on pinpointing the ideal structure and narrative for Power Images that would resonate effectively across different brands and product classes.

The strategy's decisive elements encompassed:

  • Rigorous market scrutiny by the Content team to benchmark against practices of De'Longhi's nine prime competitors and gain insights into the branding techniques of Braun and Kenwood.
  • An exhaustive examination by the Intelligence group of over 10,000 Amazon user queries, translating these into actionable insights for the top 30 products spread over eight categories.


The outcomes confirmed the strategic vision's efficacy - De'Longhi, Kenwood, and Braun's Power Images became compelling visual entities that underscored product highlights and addressed consumer concerns, thereby augmenting brand perception. These carefully constructed Power Images have now established a new paradigm of visual branding excellence in the home appliance industry, courtesy of Retex's comprehensive methodology.

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