Emporio Armani

Case Study

Emporio Armani

In Brief

Elevating Fashion E-Commerce through a Creative Virtual Universe

Business Need

Armani, emblematic of luxury and "Made in Italy" ethos, has been a fashion innovator since 1975. Emporio Armani, recognized for its modernity, sought to reshape the digital retail experience, infusing it with the brand's distinctive freshness and style.

Retex Strategy

In collaboration with Emporio Armani, Retex crafted an innovative concept to augment the allure of new gift guides by steering customers towards exclusive content in a user-friendly and captivating way. This resulted in the inception of Glowtown, a virtual universe conceived by Retex's Atoms creative studio, that evolved with each iteration:

  • In February 2022: Launched a dynamic 2D district for Valentine's Day, enabling users to explore iconic spots and discover product selections with ease.
  • By December 2022: Transformed into a 3D metropolis resonating with Emporio Armani's aesthetic, offering a chromatic synchronization with in-store campaigns and added user customization like crystal ball greeting cards.
  • For Valentine's 2023: Introduced a simplified 3.0 design in romantic pink, guiding users through The Emporio mall's themed levels with direct links to collections via clear calls-to-action.


  • Enhanced engagement from users thanks to a distinctive and memorable online journey.
  • Demonstrated Emporio Armani's dynamic adaptability to market trends and consumer preferences while upholding high standards of quality.

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