Mercato Centrale

Case Study

Mercato Centrale

In Brief

Transforming the Food Market Experience with Seamless E-Commerce Integration

Business Need

Mercato Centrale recognized the need to enhance the customer experience by entering the e-commerce space, addressing the growing demand for convenience and speed in the food and beverage industry. Their goal was to modernize customer interactions and reduce wait times while offering a range of flexible dining options.

Retex Strategy

In response, Retex developed Zerofila — a comprehensive e-commerce platform tailored for Mercato Centrale. This strategic initiative focused on integrating ordering and payment methods directly into existing point-of-sale systems. The aim was to minimize wait times and streamline the service process, thereby ensuring customer interactions with Mercato Centrale were efficient and satisfying.


  • Effective elimination of queuing, greatly reducing customer wait times.
  • Time-saving benefits appreciated by consumers in a fast-paced society.
  • Empowerment of customers with a variety of culinary choices, enhancing their freedom of consumption.
  • Introduction of diverse dining options including on-site dining, takeaways, and market-affiliated deliveries.
  • Plans for future guided culinary tours to create an immersive and interactive food experience.

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