Unicoop Tirreno

Case Study

Unicoop Tirreno

In Brief

Online Grocery Shopping Combining Convenience and Comfort

Business Need

Unicoop Tirreno, with a significant presence in the heart of Central Italy, aimed to meet the evolving demands of its customers by venturing into eCommerce. The goal was to address the growing need for a digital and safe shopping experience for both its 3600 employees and numerous customers across its 94 stores.

Retex Strategy

In a strategic partnership with Unicoop Tirreno, Retex played a key role in launching an innovative online shopping portal. This digital avenue would offer dual options for grocery shopping, ensuring convenience and security:

  • Click & Collect: An efficient service previously active in 12 supermarkets, which was further enhanced with a new offering.
  • Home Delivery: Catering to customers who prefer home delivery, where the real-time synchronization of stock ensured the reliability and freshness of products.


  • Swift and successful launch of the eCommerce platform, showcasing the harmonious integration of technology and retail.
  • Accurate stock verification system that aligns inventory data with store availability for better customer service.
  • Seamless integration of cash register systems for a smooth transaction process.
  • Direct connection to Coop Italia's central database, providing users with a clear and continually updated product catalog.

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